Kuta Sunset | Sports Activity – Surfing
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Sports Activity – Surfing


In the south-west of Lombok you will find one of the best secret surf locations, The Desert Point, also known as Bangko-bangko beach.

Mawun in South Lombok is a fairly exposed reef break allowing visitors to go surfing at virtually any time of the year. Be aware that the best wind direction is from the north. To the west side of Mawun Bay there is a righthand point break reef, delivering a quality long walling ride suitable for most levels of surfing.

Another truly great location for beginners to learn surfing is Selong Belanak, a pristine white sand beach with clear and quiet water. Surf lessons are readily available.

Apart from the above mentioned, Lombok has to offer countless further surfing sites that can easily compete on a global scale.

Note: Especially in Kuta Beach Lombok there are many local surfers willing to guide you to find the waves that are most promising for your surfing adventure. So Lombok’s surfing sites are appealing to everyone.