Kuta Sunset | Segara Anak Lake
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Segara Anak Lake


Segara Anak is a huge volcanic lake formed in a giant crater on the west side of Mount Rinjani. The top of the crater is very popular with both foreign and domestic tourists as a camping site.

The lake itself is located over 2,000 meters above sea level, spans across an area of eleven square kilometers and reaches an impressive maximum depth of about 230 meters. Its name translates into ‘small sea’ or ‘child of the sea’, a label attributable to its wonderful blue color. The lake being heated, its temperature reaches about 20 to 22°C, which for that height is a rather unusual figure, especially contrasting it with the air temperature of 14 to 15°C prevailing at this height.

Segara Anak is also home to a number of natural hot springs that are said to have special healing powers. In addition to that, the lake is perfectly suitable for fishing and some locals even make a living from this activity.