Kuta Sunset | Sendanggi Waterfalls
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Sendanggi Waterfalls


Lombok’s waterfalls are a mandatory sight for any visitor coming to Lombok. Some of the most beautiful waterfalls can be found in Pusuk Pass, Sindang Gila and Tiu Kelep. Tourists especially enjoy visiting the Sendanggi Waterfalls which are among the most stunning the island has to offer. It is commonly said that taking a bath in the cool pools at the base of a waterfall will keep you young.

Also, Mount Rinjani is home to a number of waterfalls originating from Segara Anak Lake.

To see the waterfalls best arrange a group tour. Group sizes tend to be rather small, varying between two to ten visitors.

The waterfalls are only one of the many manifestations of Lombok’s beautiful nature. Go and discover for yourself!